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Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company



Description of the action

Diversity in Recruitment.


Cultural and social diversity are the norm at Deutsche Bank because of our global presence. Our corporate culture is built on diversity principles that allow our staff to deploy their talents to optimally exploit their potential, irrespective of age,gender,religion, ethnic origin,sexual orientation or physical capabilities.

Our hiring policies require that all job applications must be considered regardless of those aspects.

It is important to be mindful of diversity at each stage of the hiring process. 

It is common sense that the right people need to interview the candidate but it is equally important to think about how inclusive the organisation appears to the candidate.

Watch out for unconscious biases: It is human nature to sometimes display certain biases. Try not to let them influence your hiring decisions.

For senior positions all headhunters are informed that they have to present for each opening at least 1 female candidate.


We want to cultivate a corporate culture based on mutual respect.


Diversity is part of our values andbeliefs.


The most creative and successful teams are the most diverse.

« To do »

  • Acknowledge the differences in behaviour of men and women and do not accept a no for an answer but ask for the reasons why. 

« Not to do »

  • Be biased.

Keywords : HR Processes

Published on 13 December 2016