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  • What does the EU do regarding diversity?
  • An exchange platform

It is illegal to discriminate on the grounds of age,disability,gender,race,religion orsexual orientation of a person. Yet, only one third of the European citizens is perfectly aware that they are legally protected fromdiscrimination.

The European Union informs citizens about their rights to fight any form ofdiscrimination in different ways:

  • By supporting NGOs, social partners and equality promoting bodies in their fight against discriminations,
  • By supporting equality policies at national level among Member States,
  • By providing anti-discrimination training,
  • By promotingdiversity management within companies.

Source: https://ec.europa.eu/

The European Commission acknowledges the potential of diversity charters to contribute to the fight againstdiscrimination in the workplace and the promotion of equality.

That is why the Commission supports since 2010 an EU-wide platform for exchanges between organisations that help promoting and implementing national diversity charters. Currently there are 24 of them.

This platform is part of a larger project to support voluntary initiatives that promotediversity management in the workplace. The European exchange platform allows those who promote existing diversity charters to meet regularly during meetings, expert seminars and an annual forum in order to share experiences, best practices and develop common tools.