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Welcome Book: in favour of the integration of Luxembourgish and non-Luxembourgish people


Activity sector : Public administration

Company category : Public sector



Description of the action

The Commune of Strassen has set up the distribution of a Welcome book for all newcomers. Available in French, English and German, this guide gives useful practical information in Luxembourg. At the same time, an accompaniment is planned in order to explain in more detail if necessary and to answer different questions. A CD is also available in the three languages.


In Luxembourg, the number of foreigners arriving in the country is very high. Faced with all the questions they may ask themselves but do not dare to ask, the Welcome book condenses a first aid tointegration.


The objectives are multiple:

- To facilitateintegration and contact with other inhabitants...

- Enable all practical information to be centralized in a single document

- Understand how the commune works


The town hall of Strassen is the first point of contact for people arriving in the municipality. In order to facilitate theirintegration, the commune offers the same information to everyone with contacts in more specific areas such as sport or other activities available. It is important for the commune to develop proximity with the newcomers.


This concept works very well because newcomers feel that they are taken care of as a person and that there is a follow-up for everyone.

« To do »

  • Ensure direct contact with stakeholders
  • Ensuring a personalised welcome

« Not to do »

  • This action must take place over time and not remain punctual

Keywords : Welcoming and socialization

Published on 15 July 2014