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Employee Referral Program


Activity sector : Manufacturing industry

Company category : Large company



Description of the action

We encourage our team members to propose external candidates for employment at Husky.


The program was established in order to help bringing great talents on board, and to minimize recruitment costs. Our team members know better than anyone what it takes to be successful at Husky. They know the skills and qualifications we need, and who would be a great fit for our culture.


We had two major objectives: bring great talents on board by using our own employees as source with at least 15% per year, and secondly decrease recruitment costs. We exceeded both goals tremendously.


All regular full-time and regular part-time team members can refer someone they know to an open position at Husky, and they will receive a monetary award if their referral leads to the hiring of a full-time regular or regular part-time team member. The referral premium will be paid out after the new hire has started 30 days with Husky. The referral premium is EUR 1,200 gross. Payments will be issued via monthly payroll. Excluded from the program are direct reports to the CEO (i.e. Executive and Non-Executive team members), VPs, Recruitment leaders, and any team member directly involved in the hiring decision such as interviews and hiring managers.


The Husky Employee Referral Program has definitely an impact of our recruitment costs and is since the program was established, one or major recruitment source. In 2016 we recruited more than 21% out of referral program, in 2015 it was more than 22%. Although we do not have so much turnover, the number of people referred via a Husky team member, and leaving the organization within the first months of employment is much lower than via the other sources.

« To do »

If somehow possible include the referral program into your online application system so that candidate can chose the Employee Referral system as a source, and note the name of the Husky team member into their online application, to avoid any discussions afterwards. At Husky we went even one step further as our Recruitment system is connected with payroll. Means when status of the new team member changes to hire, name of referral team members shows up on the monthly report for payment of employee referral premium.

« Not to do »

Try to re-contact each candidate you received via referral program to show that you value the effort of your employees. Even if the candidate does not fit, send him a short e-mail, give him a call or invite him for a quick discussion/interview.

Keywords : Selection and recruitment

Published on 11 September 2017