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Our strength: being multi-generational

Company name : ADA ASBL

Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Foundation, Non-profit, NGO



Description of the action

Like many organisations and companies in Luxembourg, ADA is fortunate to offer its employees a multicultural working environment. We have always provided the same opportunities in terms of career, salary and work/life balance for both men and women.

ADA's management is also convinced that the presence of different generations among its employees represents a real asset not only in terms of human experience, but above all for the opportunities it offers in terms of sharing experiences and therefore for the growth of the organisation.

Indeed, each generation is characterised by different value systems and knowledge. For ADA, valuing these diversities is a priority, in order to turn them into an asset for the benefit of all, and especially for our partners in the South.


With an average age of 35, our organization can be considered "young". At the same time we can count on the presence of pivotal persons over 50 years old, who enjoy a certain degree of general appreciation and listening skills, unrelated to their hierarchical position at different levels in the NGO.


Valuing the presence of different generations among employees as an opportunity in terms of experience sharing and therefore organizational growth.


For our organisation, the presence of senior staff is essential due to their experience and in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of inclusive finance. For this reason, the oldest among our employees are considered as reference points by the entire organisation.

Likewise, our younger employees, with their enthusiasm, desire to learn, ability to adapt to change and openness to the new opportunities offered by a fast-moving world, embody renewal and the desire for a future viewed with confidence.

Thus, one of the most innovative projects launched by ADA, the "Digital Finance Initiative", is the result of an idea proposed by young employees in their thirties who are passionate about the Internet and information technology. It has been validated but also adapted to the reality on the ground in emerging countries by experienced employees, often in their fifties. Today, a forty-year-old manager is in charge of implementing it.


Believing in the richness of collaboration between different generations is a strong sign that diversity is alive. The last two recruits were, for example, a 28-year-old French woman and a 56-year-old man of Togolese origin with extensive professional experience in the field in Africa.

Collaboration between employees of different ages has enabled us to value the professional experience of the most experienced and to develop the younger ones in their know-how and their careers, with a concrete advantage in terms of performance and results for the organisation.

« To do »

  • In our teams, the different generational approaches coexist and strengthen each other, thanks to the shared values that underpin our business and the strong motivation that characterizes NGOs. Wanting to develop a positive impact on the lives of our final beneficiaries in the South often starts by respecting and accepting the talents of all, regardless of their origins, ages and experiences. The organisation's ongoing work to strengthen this common base guarantees this positive environment among employees in any case.
  • Finally, our organisation favours common intergenerational working moments in project mode and has institutionalised spaces for discussion and exchange to encourage the mutual transmission of experience and know-how. This last action represents an opportunity for the new generations to prepare themselves to become the future management of the organisation for an ever better future of inclusive finance.

« Not to do »

  • Avoid age as a discriminating factor.

Keywords : Diversity management plan

Published on 01 January 2017