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NAM Women Mentorship Programme

Company name : Nordea Investment Funds S.A.

Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company



Description of the action

NAM Women Mentorship Programme is a D&I initiative targeting the gender aspect of the D&I agenda. It is built to accelerate high-performing and ambitious women’s careers and to create bridges across NAM. We do this by pairing mentors and mentees across NAM. Besides the 1:1 mentoring relationships, we have also established a community for the mentors and mentees. In this community, we create or participate in virtual events with inspirational speakers. Furthermore, we give the participants a chance to connect with each other and share learning from their mentoring journey in Networking events.


Women are underrepresented in several units in NAM. Especially within Investments and in leader positions the underrepresentation is noticeable. Therefore, the Employee Resource Group “Retention and Development” has decided to take active part and create a Mentorship Programme to target this underrepresentation and give women in NAM better opportunities for career advancement.


This initiative will address the underrepresentation of women in Investments and in leader roles. Our objective with this programme is to get a more balanced gender split in the talent pipelines and in leader roles and specialists roles within Investments. We hope this initiative will support these goals and create better opportunities for NAM’s women to live out their full potential.


We believe that mentoring is a great tool to accelerate career development. By facilitating reverse sharing of expertise and experience, we aim to empower and engage high-performing women in NAM to advance further. To ensure professional relevance in the mentorship programme, we have developed two tracks to support different career paths in NAM. The Investment specialist track is made for women in NAM with the ambitions and potential to advance further in an expert role within Investments. The leadership track is made to capture women in NAM with the ambitions of entering or further pursuing a leadership role in any business unit in the future.


By addressing the underrepresentation of women in NAM, we set ourselves up for future success when we can utilize the full potential of our employees and benefit from the performance benefits diversity brings the business such as increased innovation and stronger financial results.

Keywords : Evaluation, mobility and career management

Published on 19 May 2021