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United in diversity

Your vote for a pluralistic and successful Europe !

European Diversity Charters of Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Spain encourage active participation in upcoming European elections, by promoting diversity as key to peace, social cohesion and economic success.

Over the past 70 years, Europe has secured peace – a gift that should never be taken for granted. Between 23 and 26 May, some 400 million Europeans are invited to cast their vote and elect the next European Parliament. It is up to them to decide on the future of the European Union, and whether it shall continue to be characterised by peace and diversity. “Let’s all go vote,” encourage the 8 Diversity Charters “If we want to shape the political climate in Europe, if we want to determine our common way of life, the way we treat and cooperate with each other, abstention should not be an option! Let’s make our voices heard, have our say, be part of a common Europe! And let diversity be the game-changer, for only those who seize its true value for our societies and economies will be able to truly protect social peace and economic success in Europe.”

Call for Diversity

The European Union faces multiple challenges. In many Member States,racism anddiscrimination are on the rise – including online. The Diversity Charter movement throughout Europe is worried by the rise of nationalism in Europe. We therefore call on all European citizens who are entitled to vote to do so – and to do so responsibly.

Diversity : our driving force, our strength

In Europe, professionaldiversity management is central to innovation, creativity and thereby economic success. The European Diversity Charter initiatives therefore call on the citizens of Europe to vote for diversity, and to raise their voices in protection of European values such as equality,non-discrimination,fairness and respect. “Let us advocateinclusion andequal treatment for all people in Europe even more vividly – irrespective of sex orgender identity, nationality,ethnicity, language,religion or conviction,disability, age,sexual orientation and identity. The promotion and appreciation of diversity, including in the working environment, continue to be a pressing necessity,” according to the Diversity Charters.

Diversity pays

In many ways, Europe as a centre of commerce and industry benefits from a working culture that respects and values pluralism. A diverse workforce brings together differentskills and talents to the good of all. Many organisations and companies have therefore started to actively promote cross-border collaboration and international teams. They have come to understand that European cooperation and diversity makes them more successful, more resilient, and more stable in a world of growing complexity and increased threats. Societies in Europe have historically been diverse and also shaped bymigration, and there is only to gain from a workforce that mirrors that reality. Only by valuing each and every citizen, each and every employee, in all of their uniqueness, they will unfold their full potential, motivation and contribution to the wider society.

United in diversity

Under the EU motto “united in diversity”, the European Diversity Charters continue to fly the flag of diversity, and to campaign for peace,inclusion and prosperity.

For diversity is our wealth, for plurality makes our societies stronger and more successful.

Published on 24 May 2019