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Release of the first best practices guide "LGBTI inclusion in the workplace"

To promote theinclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people in the professional environment, IMS Luxembourg has created a guide of good practices and testimonials for companies.

"The more we can celebrate our differences while realizing how much we are alike, the better we will be as individuals and contribute to society." Marcello Montenero, Client Manager Global Banking at HSBC Luxembourg.  


Since 2018, IMS and the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter work towards a betterinclusion of LGBTI people in the world of work. Financed in 2020 by the FSE and the Ministry of Family,integration and the Greater Region, this project aims to raise awareness and provide tools to the different audiences within the company. This will contribute to the development of open, inclusive and respectful work environments where everyone can be themselves.  

Thus, the project of a guide of good practices has emerged, a collection of ideas already implemented in companies or institutions, mainly in Europe, and which have proven to be effective in the fight against lgbt-phobic acts. All of the practices are intended to be inspiring: everyone is free to share them, reproduce them, or adapt them to their own reality on the ground. Fifteen testimonies of workers from the LGBTI community or allies mainly in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are included in the guide. These testimonies highlight the importance of acting in favor of diversity and help to better understand how an organization can support different populations likely to experiencediscrimination.




Find the video testimonials of:
Xavier BettelPrime Minister of Luxembourg
Barbara AgostinoManager and Founder of the Crèches and Foyers Barbara
Jan BerloGeneral Care Nurse De Park (CHNP)
Tilly MetzEuropean Member of Parliament Greens/Efa/Déi gréng
Niccolo Polli, CEO HSBC Luxembourg & Autumn Le Lievre, Head of Regulatory Compliance, Leadership Team Diversity, andinclusion Sponsor HSBC Luxembourg

Published on 10 February 2021