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The minister's official visits for diversity day!

D-1 for Diversity Day: What will be the itinerary of the official visits?

Discover below the tour of the Minister of the Family andintegration, as well as patron of the Diversity Charter, Corinne Cahen.

On May 15, the Minister will first go to the "Vis ma Vie" action of Sales Lentz, which organizes a day of job exchanges: a driver accompanies an office employee in the morning and vice versa in the afternoon. 

She will then visit the European Investment Bank, where they will organize an event to raise awareness among EIB employees of the issues of diversity and its benefits within the company.

She will then go to MUDAM for a workshop that will lead the participants to ask themselves some questions:  how can I create a personalized and individual self-portrait, which represents the most intimate part of myself and at the same time shows the diversity of us all?

At PwC, she will participate in the internal competition for the best pastry: Employees are invited to propose recipes and the jury, composed of all employees, will deliberate to choose three winners. 

In the afternoon, the official visits will lead her to the action of the City of Luxembourg and the Familljen-Center for a round table and workshop on the theme: We are Family. The purpose is to address the theme of single parenthood, stepfamilies, intersexuation, transgender people... etc.

At 6pm, Diversity Day will be closed with the 3rd edition of the Diversity Awards, were best practices in terms ofdiversity management will be rewarded.

Published on 14 May 2019