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23 new organizations join the diversity promotion movement

Managing language diversity for inclusion

Multilingualism is considered one of the Grand-Duchy’s assets. It is also one of the most addressed topics among the signatories of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg’sdiversity management policy. In order to understand the impact of language diversity and to find out how to value it within organizations, IMS Luxembourg invited Hélène Langinier -  a teacher-researcher at the EM Strasbourg Business School, specialized in language diversity research - for its annual conference that took place yesterday evening at Mudam.

Both a source of creativity and conflict, an organization’s language policy strongly depends on the context in which it evolves and affects all its HR aspects, such as recruitment and career development. In order to best value multilingualism within a company, Hélène Langinier highlighted how essential it was to define its language policy and to encourage innovative language practices such as translanguaging – combining several languages in one and the same sentence, or even creating new words. Tandem projects and the development of the employees’ interculturalskills allow to work towards betterinclusion, provided to have the managers’ support. They have indeed a crucial role namely in the availability of flexible language training and the composition of diversified teams.

23 new organizations join the diversity promotion movement

Each year,  since the launch of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg in 2012, a signing session gathers the new organizations that want to officialise and mark the beginning of their commitment towards diversity. This 26 September, 23 organizations chose to publicly show their willingness to value and manage diversity during the official signing session organized by IMS, the Diversity Charter’s coordinator in Luxembourg.

The evening was also the moment for IMS to present its new website, where  all the signatories’ best practices regardingdiversity management are capitalized since 2012. This resource is available to anyone for free.

The signing session was opened by the minister for Family Affairs andintegration, and also the patron of the Diversity Charter, Corinne Cahen.

Welcome to:

  • Arendt & Medernach
  • Armacell International S.A.
  • Banque Havilland
  • CapFields
  • Clifford Chance
  • Crèche Les P'tits Bouchons
  • Ebos Luxembourg
  • Fédération Copas
  • Fidelity International
  • fr2s
  • Groupe Nouvelles Perspectives
  • Hines Luxembourg Sàrl
  • John Deere Bank SA
  • L.S.C. Engineering Group
  • LSRS
  • Luxnetwork
  • Maltem Consulting
  • Minusines S.A.
  • PGIM Real Estate Luxembourg S.A.
  • Schroeder & Associés
  • SuperDrecksKëscht – Oeko Service Luxembourg SA
  • TNP Luxembourg

Published on 27 September 2019