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16 June 2024

Handi-Perception : Workshop 4

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How do employees perceive your disability inclusion policy? Do they feel in an inclusive company? What do they think of disability?

To work on these questions, IMS Luxembourg is launching the Handi-Perception project with the following objectives:

  • to broaden the perspectives of measuring inclusion by taking into account the perception that employees have of disability in the company,
  • act on perceptions by creating a range of awareness-raising tools,
  • to invite workers with disabilities to talk about their daily lives in the workplace to demystify disability in the workplace.

The project will allow you to establish a complete inventory of the level of disability inclusion in your company and formulate appropriate recommendations for implementing the actions.

This workshop is part of a series designed to explore the notion of evaluating employee perceptions. 

When? Thursday 05 October from 2pm to 4pm
Where? Online (connection link will be send in due time)
For who? All employees of IMS members or Diversity Charter signatories

Event in French

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Photos will likely be taken at the event intended to be published by IMS Luxembourg in written or digital media. Please inform the host at the beginning of the event if you do not wish to be in the photos.

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