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20 June 2024

Diversity Network - Vulnerable Health

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The Diversity Network is an opportunity to present practices implemented by organisations that have signed the Charter on a given subject. 

For this fourth Diversity Network, we will focus on employee’s vulnerable health.

The Autonomous Working Group on Vulnerable Health, represented by Vinciane Istace from PwC, will be presenting the publication "Vulnerable health, but happy at work!”. This guide offers ideas and reasons why you should take action and include chronic or long-term illness as an integral part of your wellbeing, diversity and inclusion policy.

This publication has been designed by the signatories of the Diversity Charter, from different sectors in Luxembourg.

A practical workshop will enable participants to take ownership of and discuss the subject.

This event is fully booked.

When? Tuesday 17 October from 12h00 to 14h00
Where? ArcelorMittal Luxembourg / 24-26, boulevard d’Avranches / 1160, Luxembourg
For who? This event is reserved for signatories of the Diversity Charter.

Event in English.

We inform all participants that they are likely to figure in some pictures taken during IMS' events. These pictures are meant to be published in written and online media edited by IMS Luxembourg.