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24 May 2024

DIVERSITY NETWORK - Recognizing and addressing unconscious biases

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The Diversity Network makes it possible to present practices implemented by companies that have signed the Charter on a given subject. This meeting of the signatories of the Charter allows, beyond the testimonies, the exchange of participants on their practices, their challenges and their questions on how to take diversity into account in the internal communication strategy.

For this last Diversity Network of 2020, we propose to look at unconscious biases within the organization.

How can we become aware of them, what are their impacts and what practices can be put in place to avoid them?

This problematic, which will include a scientific and academic analysis, will be presented to you by:

  • Sophie Brière, Professor at Laval University in Quebec City
  • Christina Constantinidis, Professor, School of Management Sciences, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Bibiana Pulido, Executive Director and co-founder of the Réseau interuniversitaire québécois pour l'équité, la diversité et l'inclusion (RIQEDI) and Assistant Director of the Institut Équité Diversité Inclusion Intersectionnalité (EDI2).

This exchange will be followed by the sharing of best practices in companies set up at:

  • The Banque de Luxembourg, presented by Ms Monique Bernard.

When? 10 December from 3 to 4pm
Where? Webex
For whom? This event is reserved for signatories of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg
Language? Event in French but presentation support (slides) in English.

We inform participants of our events that they may appear on photographs taken during the event. These are intended to be published in the written or digital media posted by IMS Luxembourg.