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21 April 2024

Diversity Day 2021

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In 2021, for the seventh consecutive year, all organizations in Luxembourg, whether they are signatories of the Diversity Charter or not, are invited to act for diversity and celebrate the national diversity day with us.

This year, Luxembourg will celebrate diversity on 20 May 2021. More than ever, stay creative to make this event a celebration despite the health measures that will probably remain in place. We encourage any organization to submit their concrete or dematerialized actions to us so that we can relay them through our network.

Are you looking for inspiration for your dematerialized activities or not? Do not hesitate to consult our 2021 toolkit or the actions of previous editions.

Valorization of your diversity strategy, diversity booklet, creative thinking around the notion of diversity, awareness-raising workshops, round tables, collaborations with diversity actors - sheltered workshops, associations, experts - exhibitions, flashmobs... your creativity will know no limits in order to celebrate your diversity both internally and externally. 

Don't forget to submit your diversity actions to perhaps receive the visit of Mrs. Corinne Cahen, Minister of Family, Integration and the Greater Region!

When? May 20, 2021, all day long.
Where? Everywhere in Luxembourg.
For whom? All Luxembourg organizations, signatories or not of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg.

Co-Funded by the European Union

We inform the participants of our events that they may appear on photographs taken during the event. These are intended to be published in the written or digital media published by IMSLuxembourg.