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26 November 2022

The Diversity Dilemma: global coherence versus local relevance? with Michael Stuber

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The universe of gender, race, LGBTI and much more

Working on Diversity often focuses on differences and creates separate approaches. This can easily multiply in an international context when differences between countries and cultures seem to add complexity. How to decide which topics to address where and stay coherent at the same time? 

What if we could find a way to bring Diversity together, find a more coherent approach and make it easier for people to grasp the concept and its opportunities? 

Looking at both the long-term and the international development of D&I can help us see future frameworks and offer learning from the past at the same time. 

One of the few experts who offer both global exposure and more than two decades of experience will provide his latest insight on how to get Diversity right and balance global consistency with local needs. Michael Stuber, The European D&I Engineer, will talk about fragmentation vs integration and share unexpected similarities across cultures and topics. He will use the LGBTQIA+ thematic as a test case to illustrate how comprehensive – or competitive – Diversity has always been and can be, going forward. LGBTQIA+ subject was often considered to be a difficult topic to implement in conjunction with some others or internationally, as can be seen in the current Qatar World Cup debate. 

For Luxembourg D&I practitioners, this conference will offer an ideal inspiration for their 2023 planning and how to address current dynamics in between international expectations and local needs they might be faced with. 

After Michael’s keynote, an extended Q&A session will allow the participants to ask our expert their questions and share their reflections.

To close this conference, the new LGBTQIA+ e-learning tool will be presented.

When? Tuesday 13 December, from 12:00 to 14:00

Where? Casino Luxembourg / 41 Rue Notre Dame / 2240 Luxembourg

For who? Open to all.

Event in English.

About Michael Stuber:

Michael Stuber comes from Germany, and was the former project manager of the European Union Diversity Charter platform. 

Michael works consistently evidence-based, with an international understanding and “brushes D&I against the grain,” says a D&I manager. He uniquely stands for D&I as a person:

•    as a passionate European, he acts beyond national thinking,

•    as an industrial engineer he works on D&I both holistically and in detail

•    as an innovator, he constantly challenges assumptions, the status quo and obvious solutions

Michael Stuber conveys his expertise with vigour and engagement. His ability to illustrate complex changes and their implications makes him an inspiring and welcomed expert.

From his evidence-based perspective, Michael Stuber questions traditional approaches and rigorously points out barriers to sustainable progress. He is hence a sought-after moderator for events that aim at critically discussing common approaches to take a topic to the next level.

We inform event attendees that they are likely to appear on photographs taken during the event. These are intended to be published in written or digital media edited by IMS Luxembourg. 

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