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Burnout: a better understanding of the phenomenon

76 people, members of IMS Luxembourg, of the POG or signatories of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg, participated in the conference-debate “Burnout: break the taboo” on Tuesday 11th October. The Ministry of Health first set the context with some definitions.

Dr. Patrick Mesters, Owner and Director of the European Institute for Intervention and Research on Burnout, highlighted the complex role of HRM in raising awareness among employees, preventing and supporting people in pre and post burnout. After having identified some “at risk” populations, he emphasized that 43% of absenteeism is due to stress at work. According to a study led by the Institute, a better management of absenteeism could allow a financial and moral return on investment.

Then, the round-table moderated by Magali Maillot, Board Member of the POG and HRM of Allen & Overy, and composed of Dr. Mesters, Stéphanie Deitz, ING Luxembourg and Céline Briolotti, City of Luxembourg, pointed out practices in organisations: awareness, prevention, the importance of managers’ support or even the return at work.

Highlights of the conference

Conférence "Burn-out : briser le tabou", le 11 octobre 2016

How are political women represented in the media?


The Center for Equal Treatment, the CID | Fraen an Gender and the National Women’s Council of Luxembourg kindly invite you to a conference-debate on the relation between political women and their representation in the media.


Women – politics – media: a democracy challenge

Tuesday 18th October at 6:30pm at the Cercle Cité’s grand auditoire


Marlène Coulomb-Gully, sociologist and researcher of a study on women who stood in presidential elections in France, will bring her expertise to answer to questions related to the media construction of gender in politics.



The conference will be followed by a debate with:

  • Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, former political woman
  • Fabien Grasser, editor-in-chief at Quotidien
  • Caroline Mart, journalist and editor-in chief assistant at RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg
  • Christa Brömme, CID | Fraen an Gender
  • Marlène Coulomb-Gully, expert-lecturer

This opened-to-all conference will be held in French.

Understanding the pay gap between men and women

During the Diversity Network that took place on the 16th of September at Deloitte, 25 participants brought up the pay gap between men and women . This gap can be explained, among other things, by the fact that men are more present in high responsibility roles, but also that women resort to part time jobs more often. Due to these realisations, speakers and participants attempted to approach solutions with key numbers and testimonials. 

  • The Ministry for Equality presented its "positive actions" programme that offers advice and financial support to participating companies. These companies need to implement a series of actions in favour of equality between men and women in order to obtain their label. Moreover, Logib-Lux, a tool permitting to calculate and analyse pay gaps is provided for free.
  • At Deloitte, where the "positive actions" programme was implemented, diversity indicators were set up via WIN Dashboard, flexibility and telework are being promoted, and conferences on unconscious bias are organized in the context of their WoMen Initiative.
  • The Raiffeisen Bank, which also participated in the "positive actions" programme, set up a 2012 - 2015 action plan that permitted them to analyse the key trends in terms of inequalities, and is thus organising female workshops, awareness trainings and management trainings for women.


    The gender pay, pension and revenue gap is one of the European Commission's priorities regarding its strategic commitment to equality between men and women for 2016-2019. As a...
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