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Mär Sinn Escher

Mär Sinn Escher

The project “Mär Sinn Escher” (We are Escher) puts forward the cultural identity and the open spirit of the people from Esch. The Kulturfabrik Esch invites you to discover the city of Esch through the eyes of its inhabitants, Luxembourgish, migrants and/or refugees. The programme includes the exhibitions "رئاط – BIRDS”, a photography compilation set together by twelve asylum seekers, and “We Have Seen”, reflecting the work of a Luxembourgish non-profit organization with refugees in Greece, in France and in Serbia. Furthermore, the programme entails a discussion table and an information and awareness raising session around topics of immigration and refugees, as well as the movie “Wallah – Je Te Jure” (Wallah – I swear you) and the theatre and dance performances “Welcome To Paradise” and “Wanderer”.


Please find more information on the project and on the programme here.


Villa Vauban : Museums for all ?

Villa Vauban is organizing the colloquium “Museums for all? A Survey: Luxembourg and its European neighbours” which will take place on the 21st and 22nd September 2017 at the Villa Vauban, Luxembourg City Art Museum. The programme focuses on the cultural accessibility in Luxembourg and presents you with a number of national and international speakers that have worked around this topic as well as grants you entry to the exhibition “The course of my life. A museum for all” (Le cours de la vie. Un musée pour tous) from Gabriele Grawe, Angelika Glesius and Anaïs Bourgois.


For more information on the programme and to sign up to the colloquium, please click here.

Making Diversity Work in Business and Government: What to Do and How to Do It?

Conference of the American Chamber of Commerce on the 20th September at 7pm.

With the focus on a gender- and culturally-balanced work environment, the American Chamber of Commerce invites you to an evening seminar on the 20th September 2017 at 7pm, highlighting the power and the benefits of diversity. With an elaborated programme of speakers, including Minister Corinne Cahen and Mr. Kary Bheemaiah, the conference will touch not only on the beneficial mechanisms behind diversity but will emphasise further opportunities to capitalise on the diversity we enjoy in Luxembourg.



  • 18.30 - 19.00 Registration
  • 19.00 - 19.20 Keynote Speaker Minister Corinne Cahen: "The Power of Diversity and Integration in Luxembourg"
  • 19.20 - 19.40 Mr. Kary Bheemaiah: "The Science, and Profit, behind Diversity"
  • 19.40 - 20.20 Panel discussion with diversity experts and corporate testimonies: "Profiting from Diversity"                      
  • 20.30 -21.30 Networking cocktail 


The event, hosted in the Banque de Luxembourg, is free and open to all interested persons. To find out more and to sign up please click “here”.

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