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Life-phase oriented working hour policy

Nom de l'entreprise : DSM AVOCATS A LA COUR

Secteur d'activité : Activités de services administratifs et de soutien

Catégorie de l'entreprise : PME


Définir une politique diversité

Description de l'action

While it is generally easier for large companies to introduce a flexible working hour policy, DSM Avocats à la Cour has recognised the needs of its employees and, as a medium-sized law firm with manageable human resources, has taken up the challenge of meeting the needs of employees in certain phases of their lives for flexible working hours, spatial independence and the reconciliation of family and career.


The framework conditions for work organisation can be arranged flexibly in terms of working hours and location in accordance with individual agreements. We offer our employees the option of changing to part-time models or working off the firm premises by arrangement. To make this possible, we ensure that the necessary IT/technical conditions are created, and that the employees work on laptops we provide them.


The aim is to increase employee satisfaction while taking personal and firm requirements into account, thereby achieving optimum work-life balance.


In certain phases of their lives, employees apply to work part-time or for personal reasons to work off the firm premises, possibly on an hourly or daily basis. Absence and attendance times are agreed beforehand with the colleagues, taking into account the operational and individual requirements and are technically supported by the firm.


Currently approximately 15% of firm employees use a part-time model. Working outside the office is done by using individual working hours and offers the employees the flexibility to meet their personal requirements.

« A faire »

Any employer wishing to implement this model must create the IT/technical framework  necessary to support it.

« Ne pas faire »

If employees are interested, do not wait too long with the decision.

Mots-clés : Culture organisationnelle

Publié le 11 juillet 2019