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Implementation of a Recruitment & Diversity Charter and a Charter against Harassment, Violence and Discrimination at work

Nom de l'entreprise : BOURSE DE LUXEMBOURG

Secteur d'activité : Autres

Catégorie de l'entreprise : PME


Définir une politique diversité

Description de l'action

As an equal opportunities employer, we do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, nationality, religious beliefs, ethnicity, age, political opinions, family situation, sexual orientation, or disability when selecting candidates for potential hiring, it is also our duty to educate our employees on business ethics and make sure that all employees are treated fairly. When it comes to the recruitment of new employees, we apply a fair and non-discriminatory procedure. Moreover, we have implemented our Recruitment and Diversity Charter, which applies to all employees as well as internal movers. All applications received go through the same process of analysis, assessment, and decision-making. No application, whether internal or external, can be rejected because of direct or indirect discriminative reasons. Besides, we have also defined an internal charter on the prevention and fight against harassment, violence, anddiscrimination at work to safeguard the fundamental rights of all our employees. We apply a zero-tolerance policy to harassment anddiscrimination of any form at all levels of our organization.


LuxSE considers the promotion of diversity and equal treatment/equal chances as an important part of our corporate culture, and as a source of progress, innovation, and success.


Specific HR policies & procedures and internal training to HR and Management team.


We want to ensure that recruitment processes are fair and transparent. We want to treat everybody equally, notably concerning salary and promotions. We operate regular reviews with HR and senior management to evaluate the level of respect of our charters. We also make sure that gender diversity is considered at all levels of seniority.

« A faire »

Promotion of diversity and inclusion in all actions. Creation of the “She@LuxSE” initiative to raise awareness, train, involve, promote, and support women.

« Ne pas faire »

Candidate selection only based on quotas and not based on the best profile suitable for the job

Mots-clés : Processus RH

Publié le 01 novembre 2018