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Abled: Advocacy Benefiting Leadership & Employees touched by Disabilities

Nom de l'entreprise : John Deere Bank S.A.

Secteur d'activité : Activités financières et d'assurance

Catégorie de l'entreprise : PME


Sensibiliser, former et impliquer

Description de l'action

Companies are focusing a lot on diversity and more often on gender or wellbeing. With this action our dedicated team wanted to create awareness on all type of disabilities (visible vs invisible) and to create/provide an inclusive and equitable workspace to welcome employees suffering from one of those disabilities.


From an inclusive perspective we want to give a fair chance to every candidates or Employees only on the base of their skillset. We want our employees to be able to be their true themselves at work and feel confortable to share any disease/disability that might affect their work or to ask for specific facility. To offer the same chance to succeed and perform to employees touched by disabilities we need to create awareness and implement tools and action that can facilitate their work life and provide them equal chance in comparison to an employee not touched by a disability.


ABLEd is a new network that supports employees touched by disabilities, both seen and unseen through promoting awareness, advocacy and available resources for our employees, business partners, customers, shareholders, and the communities we live in. ABLEd is creating a network of supporters and advocates, offer members a forum for sharing related experiences and resources, provide a safe and supportive environment to discuss and share disability struggles and general disability topics


Two of our Luxembourgish colleagues, leveraging some existing actions in our headquarters in US have been working in constituting a ERG (Employee Resource Group) which is called ABLEd: Advocacy Benefiting Leadership & Employees touched by Disabilities.


The mission is really important to the company DEI goals, it creates a sense of belonging and connection for those touched by disability and build understanding of the ABLEd ERG's overall mission across John Deere.  Impact statements provide a window into the day-to-day life of living with a disability and allow people to share why ABLEd is important to them, as well as the outcomes they hope ABLEd influences within John Deere.  They focused on "enabling" aspects such as improved access, enablement in or with technology, be comfortable at our facility, workstation/work environment, among others. This team has facilitated the participation to the DuoDay this year with the collaboration of the Adem, we welcomed some candidates touched by disability and learned together how to be a better place to work.

« A faire »

Share best practices and experiences, the company has created on our internal chat group a group called Perspectives, employees can share some of their experiences and we can learn from them.

« Ne pas faire »

Developing the right environment is a share responsibility that requires input from different levels, companies should avoid assuming what is right and work in collaboration with people touched by disability.


Mots-clés : Plan de gestion de la diversité

Publié le 07 avril 2022