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Newcomers face many administrative and language barriers in accessing employment. In addition, hiring procedures for third-country nationals seem opaque and complex for most employers. 

Themigration to Employment project aims to promote the hiring and integration of third-country nationals on the Luxembourg labor market. With this in mind, IMS Luxembourg has drafted the practical guide entitled "Migration towards employment" in 2016 which aims to :

  • Inform all employers interested in the process of hiring third-country nationals;
  • Raise awareness among employers on the advantages and limitations of hiring third-country nationals;
  • Promote good practices in the field of hiring and integration of third-country nationals.

A land of immigration for several decades, Luxembourg has been attracting citizens well beyond the borders of the European Union (39,700 and 14% of the total population), as of January 1, 2016. The guidemigration to Employment gives a quick overview of the terminologies related to the different statuses of third-country nationals but also of the processes of recognition of diplomas and recruitment.

The guide also includes information on the profile of migrants and beneficiaries of international protection, their rights and obligations, the importance of language knowledge as a factor for sustainable integration, advice on how to deal with cultural differences and good practices from Luxembourg and elsewhere.

This project has received funding from the European Asylum,migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

The practical guide published in April 2017 can be downloaded here. This guide gives you a quick overview of the terminology related to the notion of "third-country national", but also of the recruitment process.

For each obstacle there is one or more solutions and good practices will enlighten you on potential actions to be implemented within your organisation.