Act for Diversity

Nom de l'organisation: 
RBC I&TS Luxembourg
Date et horaire: 
Jeu, 2016-05-12 10:30 - 17:15

les locaux de RBC

Description of action: 

10.30am: 2016 official opening of the diversity day in FR and EN - Opening of the Dress for success 'Preloved sales' - Atrium
10.45am: Kick off - Build of the Diversity & Inclusion House with Multicolor Legos - Atrium
11.00am: Act for Diversity conference in English - Fella Imalhayene - Auditorium
11.05am: Conference including broacasting of Diversity interviews of employees (casting in progress)
12.00-1pm networking lunch
1pm- Act for Diversity conference in French - Fella Imalhayene - Auditorium

3.00pm: Diversity Workshop n°1 (topic tbc)
4.15pm: Diversity Workshop n°2 (topic tbc)
Between 10.30am and 3pm– Fund Raising for Race for the Kids events
3pm: close of the Dress for Success 'Preloved sales' - Atrium
3pm: Final touch to the Diversity & Inclusion House with Multicolor Legos- Atrium
5-30pm – Short event for the night shift employees
5-30pm – 6pm – closing of the Diversity day with Lottery

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