Why and how to apply?

puce_diversity_Day_Awards REASONS TO APPLY

Applying for the Diversity Awards Lëtzebuerg 2019 can benefit your organisation in many ways:

  • You contribute to developing diversity and to a more inclusive environment by replicating recognised best practices;
  • You prove leadership in terms of diversity and recognition by your peers;
  • You increase your visibility and reputation as a diverse organisation (internally as well as externally);
  • You get an opportunity to showcase your innovative approach in terms of implementing diversity in your organisation.


puce_diversity_Day_Awards AWARDED CATEGORIES

  • Recruitment, Welcome and Integration

How diversity is integrated in the recruitment, welcome and integration processes of the organisation’s new employees

For example: proactive recruitment, partnerships with employment structures, partnerships with company, recruiter training, internships for targeted audiences, practices to enhance the attractiveness of certain jobs, welcome pack or diversity training of new arrivals, integration path, tutoring, practices to welcome and integrate new arrivals to Luxembourg, etc.

  • Career Management

Review of Human Resources processes acknowledging the principles of non-discrimination and of diversity promotion 

For example: salary and promotion policies, targeted training, mentoring programme, senior career management, career management partnerships, professional development programmes, integrating diversity in performance goals, launching of internal/external networks, coaching, internal management training, etc.

  • Well-being and working conditions

Adapting the workplace and organisational methods to enable the proper reception and smooth integration of target audience; best practices facilitating work-life balance

For example: infrastructure and buildings, workstation ergonomics, adapted workspace, flexitime, telework, provision for childcare, parenthood charter, fight against psycho-social risks, well-being charters or programmes taking diversity into account, burn-out prevention, fight against stress at work, etc.

  • Communication and Values of the organisation

Measures taken to integrate diversity values into the company's culture, communicating to internal and external stakeholders on commitments and related actions implemented in this field 

For example: Charter or official document from the organisation stating diversity as key value, training tools, efforts to raise awareness with teams or suppliers, supplier code of ethics replicating these values, campaigns, dedicated events, local actions targeting the population, etc.


 puce_diversity_Day_Awards CRITERIA FOR EVALUATION

Winners will be selected according to the main criteria below, each of which will be graded by the jury:

  • Impact of the practice: it is not restricted to words and to a declaration of intent but has been translated into concrete actions and has a measurable impact on both the target public and the smooth running of the organisation.
  • The innovative nature of the action.
  • The exemplary and replicable nature of the initiative: the practice should be an inspiring example that can be adapted to other organisations or other relevant areas.
  • The level of implementation of the practice: extent and scope according to the size of the company.
  • How the project is governed.
  • Integration as part of a long-term approach: the practice should be enshrined in a continuous improvement process and must not be a one-off, anecdotal event. It should be embedded sustainably in the strategy of the organisation.



Participation is free and open to any organisation set up in Luxembourg whether it is a signatory of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg or not, and irrespective of its size, its status - private, public, or not-for-profit - and its field of activity.

Organisations can submit several files as long as each of them relates to a separate, distinct project; one file per practice is accepted. Should you want to apply in several categories and for several projects, you must submit as many files as there are projects.


 puce_diversity_Day_Awards APPLICATION FILES

You can download the English version of the application form here.


puce_diversity_Day_Awards CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSION

Applications as well as supporting documentation must be submitted and sent via email to info@chartediversite.lu for 4th March 2019 at the latest. Only complete applications received in the requested format and within the imparted deadline are eligible.



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