"Diversity Management" Practical guide

It is with pleasure that the Committee for the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg presents its practical guide about diversity management. This 118-page book was written by the working group of the Charter with the support of experts. The realisation of this guide took eight months of work. It is a tool to support Luxembourg enterprises in their political dune of diversity management implementation. The guide consists in seven chapters that will be object of a two-part training every year.

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"(Handi)Cap’ Emploi" Practical Guide

(Handi)Cap' Emploi - Cover Page 

 The (Handi)Cap’ Emploi practical guide aims at raising awareness and putting forward concrete solutions around the topic of disabilities in the workplace. The guide, addressing employers, gives a quick overview on the different types of disabilities and the legal framework in Luxembourg, in order to subsequently reflect on the problematics but even more so the solutions that can facilitate the integration of persons with a disability within your organisation.


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“(Handi)Cap’ Emploi” – English version




"Migration vers l'Emploi" Practical Guide


Migration Vers l'Emploi - Cover Page 

The practical guide "Migration vers l'emploi", for employers, will give you a quick overview of the terminology related to the notion of “third country national” (TCN), as well as on the recruitment process concerning TCNs. Each obstacle has its solution(s) and good practices that can help you implement some actions to include TCNs within your organisation.

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"Migration vers l'emploi" - English version