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This 11th May 2017, during the third Diversity Day, the Diversity Awards awarded the best practices in terms of diversity management within organisations in Luxembourg.

In the presence of Mrs CAHEN, minister for Family and Integration, this second edition of the Diversity Awards Lëtzebuerg highlighted the increasing commitment of private, public, as well as associative organisations in this field.


Discover the winners of 2017


"Recruitment, Welcome and Integration": Connections, ASTI

This practice encourage the integration of asylum seekers and refugees on the job market.


"Career Management": Youth4Work, Intercommunal Union De Réidener Kanton

This human project aims at coaching young people encounting difficulties.


"Environment and Wellbeing at work": Call center, ADEM

This practice is replicable as it consists in a call center service only composed of people with disabilities.


"Communication and Values of the organisation": Live my life, Sodexo

The project "Live my life" allows collaborators to exchange position during one day to break stereotypes related to some positions.



Presentation of the nominees per category 


Recruitment, Welcome and Integration

  • Young Women Challenge, Deloitte (video)
  • Babbledësch, STATEC (video)
  • Connections, ASTI (video)

Career Management

  • Youth4Work, Intercommunal Union De Réidener Kanton (video)
  • Internal management training path, CHNP (video)
  • Giving youth a chance, Sodexo (video)

Environment and Wellbeing at work

  • Telework, SGBT (video)
  • Contact center, ADEM (video)

Communication, Values of the organisation

  • Live my life, Sodexo (video)
  • Diversity Leadership Council, RBC I&TS
  • Orange Code, ING Luxembourg (video) 


Find all the practices of 2017 in our booklet.



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