Update on the Diversity Charter's activities

The 7th edition of the European Charters' Platform newsletter was published this month, showing how the public sector and business can work together for a more inclusive work environment, and how it contributes to business success.

Here is an update on the Diversity Charters' activities across the European Union.

Indeed, in Estonia, members of the Estonian Diversity Charter have come together to share their experiences on values and conflicts in companies and organizations. Following this meeting, 14 tips for employers to prevent and resolve value conflicts were published. Discover them here.

Portugal is also evolving by organizing its first edition of the Diversity Awards, which aims to reward best practices in terms of managing diversity within organizations.

We also learn that Italy has organized a "Living Library Event" open to HR and CSR Managers that focused on people with disabilities and ethnic and cultural differences. The Living Library is an innovative way of encouraging dialogue, reducing prejudices and promote mutual understanding between different people.

Finland, for its part, decides to deal with the theme of inclusive marketing. Indeed marketing campaigns are often full of stereotypes: girls play with dolls and boys with cars. Inclusive marketing aims to understand and respect the diversity of our society and thus present different people, cultures and social structures. You will find more details here.

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