The latest edition of the newsletter of the European Platform of Diversity Charters was published this month and shares recent news on diversity and inclusion in the European Union: conferences, publications, and concrete actions in favour of equal opportunities.


In Germany, the German Diversity Charter mobilized its signatories around a diversity promotion campaign #FlaggefürVielfalt. Aware of their responsibility and their role of influence in society, the signatory companies sent a strong signal to their partners, customers and employees by flying the "flag of diversity". More details on the campaign here.


The Dutch Diversity Charter approaches the subject of diversity in the media. In the Netherlands, nine companies in this sector have committed themselves to diversity and inclusion by signing the national charter. A signature that was accompanied by a specific meeting on cultural and ethnic diversity to address the difficulty of the media in recruiting journalists from multicultural backgrounds. More information here.


It is also reported that Croatia, Romania and Slovenia have joined forces to publish a compendium of good practices put in place by their signatories to achieve the objective of a more diversified workforce. An e-book listing the examples produced is available online via this link.


Finally, Italy, in collaboration with KPMG, devoted itself to the subject of reporting at a conference entitled "Integrating diversity in companies, how to expose it? ». The workshop provided practical tools for Fondazione Sodalitas signatories to highlight their data and good practices in the field of diversity. More details are available here.


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